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If you’re looking for Japanese Food Suppliers in the UK then look no further. We are a leeding supplier of Japanese food. We stock Nori, Sushi Vinegar, Sushi Rice, Miso Paste, Wasabi and Sushi Ginger. Here’s a selection of our range:

TSM-900RSR-smallWe have a large range of sushi machines. You can come and demo them in our showroom.

Oriental-Supplies-28 Sushi Vinegar and rice vinegar. Available from 150ml to 18L drums.

Oriental-Supplies-26Nori seaweed sheets. Perfect for making sushi rolls. available from 5 to 100 sheet packs. Various grades..

Oriental-Supplies-20Sushi Ginger. Pickle ginger for serving with sushi, from 10g to 1000g packs

Oriental-Supplies-7Japanese soy sauce. From 3ml sachets to 20L drums

kintaro-10kg2Sushi Rice. From 500g retail packs to 20kg packs. Great discounts available for orders of 1 ton or more.